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BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #11 - 30.12.2011

Photo: Bill: Tom's twin tattoo!!! Enjoy it guys!

30.12.11 22:22

InRock Vol.337 [Japan] - Scan

Scan by theresa @ THCN

30.12.11 09:54

30.12.11 01:05

29.12.11 09:00

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #10 - 29.12.2011

Photo #1: Tom: Mother Nature! Bill & me took a walk...
Photo #2: Bill: You guys asked for it! this is one of the photos I took during our walk...

29.12.11 08:48

29.12.11 00:02

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #9 - 28.12.2011

Photo #1: Bill: Have you guys seen the NHK Music Japan Overseas "Darkside of the Sun" live Performance yet? Check it out...
Photo #2: Tom: Ok guys! Got you...! ...which of the 3 costumes do you like the most?
Photo #3: Bill: A scary good morning! Check out Tom and his baby on another Halloween!!

28.12.11 22:14

28.12.11 00:08

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #8 - 27.12.2011

Photo #1: Tom: So many great styles... ...ok guys let's choose a nice haircut for Bill...he should have something cool! Hahaha...I like the pink one in the back!!!
Photo #2: Bill: Nutty Tops...well that name has a different meaning in German...hahah...figure it out
Photo #3: Bill: Yummy burrata...just had lunch...hmm...

28.12.11 00:03

26.12.11 22:34

26.12.11 11:38

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #7 - 26.12.2011

Photo #1: Tom: Finally we received our VMAJ!!! It looks amazing...we are sooo proud! Thanks again guys!
Photo #2: Bill: Guitar Player only!!!!

26.12.11 10:21

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Videos #6 - 25.12.2011

Christmas all around

Tom getting his twin tattoo

25.12.11 22:56

BTK Twins Personal Messenger - Photos #6 - 25.12.2011

Photo #1: Bill: Tom in the tattoo studio right before he got his tattoo done. Can you see how nervous he is...ahahaha...
Photo #2: Bill: Merry Christmas!!!! Dear aliens, We wish you all a wonderful christmas with the ones you love around you, happiness, health and may all your wishes come true! Thank you so much for all your support. We love you guys. Bill+Tom PS: How do you like our christmas tree???
Photo #3: Tom: Bill's new tattoo...first pic after it was done!

25.12.11 09:56

25.12.11 09:56

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