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Interview with MTV Serbia

Here are the answers to the questions you sent to Tokio Hotel!

AndjelaUndTom: A question for the whole band: have you ever wondered what your lives would be like were it not for Tokio Hotel? What would you look like, what would you do for a living?
Well, I don't know, really. I've always wanted to be a singer in a band with my brother. I've dreamed about it since I was 6, 7 years old. I've never thought about the possibility of doing something else, and I'm not thinking about it now either.

Violet Gendig: If you could go to any concert this year, whose concert would it be?
We would very much like to see Aerosmith live, I think they're playing a few shows for festivals in Europe this year.

Stanchy: Rumors are circulating about "Darkside of the Sun" being your next single. Is this true, and when can we expect a new video?
I can't say anything about that for the time being, but you will all find out soon enough. (HE SAID THE S WORD)

Violet Gendig: When you hear a Tokio Hotel song playing on the radio, do you listen to it or do you change the station?
No, we don't change the station. I'm very pleased with everything we've done so far musically, and when a song of ours comes up on the radio, we turn the volume up to the max.

Necke Roker: Which bands have influenced you the most?
We've never had any big names that made an impact on us. Nena and David Bowie influenced me when I was a kid.
Tom: I started playing the guitar because of Joe Perry from Aerosmith. He's the best and he's totally wicked cool.

jezichawa: Here's something I'm interested in: does your management decide which towns you are going to visit, or do you have a say in it? Is there a city in which you would like to perform, but your management doesn't recommend it?
That is our decision to make. We listen to advices and recommendations from our management, but if we really wanna go somewhere and play, in some country or city, that is our decision.

xmiRRax: Are you satisfied with the "Humanoid City" tour? We know you've been preparing for it for so long, and there's the new stage, the new outfits... now that you can present all those things to your fans, what are your reactions? Do you think you have reached your goal of throwing a memorable show for your fans?
Absolutely. It's been great so far, and the fans' reactions are just unbelievable. This is the first time that I've been completely, 100% content with your production... the stage, the lighting, the effects... everything fits perfectly for the first time.

KaulitzQueen: Since all four of you are (mostly) vegetarians, which vegetarian food do you most like to eat, and what made you decide to become vegetarians in the first place?
We've always been animal lovers, which is why we stopped consuming meat in any shape or form around 2 years ago - we just did. In all actuality, it wasn't such a hard thing to do. We still eat pizza and pasta, only without the meat.

KaulitzQueen: Bill, where do you come up with ideas for your style and look?
Naturally. I just don't think about it too much. I always dress the way I feel - it's always been like that, and it always will be. It's just a reflection of my character, I don't copy any specific trends.

Adriana Tokio Hotel: Would you agree to get your house filmed for MTV Cribs? xD
Absolutely, except that I doubt it would be as impressive as some of the other houses I've seen on that show...

Ilma Kitivojevic: Who's the funniest in the band?
Me, myself and I... (everyone laughs)
Bill: That's what he thinks...

Reaper'sKitty: Is it your dream still to play in Tokyo?
Oh, absolutely. We've never been to Asia or Japan, and we're really looking forward to going there one day - we hope this year.

MTV: A message from Tokio Hotel for all the fans in the region...
Bill: Thank you so much for your support - you're the best, and we hope we'll see you all at the concert in Belgrade.

Translation - Apex @ LJ


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shirley (28.3.10 06:37)
I'm going to the Aerosmith concert here in Colombia, I'm so excited I love them too

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