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Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 1


Tokio Hotel was found by identical twin brother, Bill (Vo.) and Tom (G.), who come from an old small city called Loitsche in Eastern Germany. (Birthday: 1989.9.1) Then Georg Listing (B. - 1987.3.31) and Gustav Schafer (D. - 1988.9.8) joined them. Finally four of them set up this band.

Bill and Tom began to compose music at their age of 7. They did their performance in Magdeburg when they were 10 years old. So they were early-maturing.

Later on, at their age of 13, they had similar tastes and interests with Georg and Gustav who came to watch their live show, and began to set up the band.

Georg began to play the base at age of 13 and Gustav began to play the drum at age of 15. To them, the band was the real career.

Regarding to the reason why TH named their band Tokyo, Bill said: "They consider Tokyo as their final destination, because Tokyo is too far to reach. The scene that we are in Tokyo always hangs around us. We are inspired by this scene and add Tokyo into the band's name." (This question is on my twitter from Rily.)

The interview started in harmonious atmosphere like last time. (Questions about music are included.)

What a fabulous hairstyle!
Thank you!

How long did you spend on this hairstyle?
This one is easiest, because the hair dresser just needs to make the hair like this. It did not take a long time to do this. But in the past it was really time-taking and troublesome due to my long hair. And every time we used one hair spray up. So the hair style today is an easy one.

It is the second time to come to Tokyo. What do you think of Tokyo?
We really like the streets in Japan. We were a little nervous on the first day when we just arrived. We could not imagine at all before we reached Tokyo. But we knew what it was like this time. We met different kinds of people and everything was exciting. We really appreciated that everything was full of energy. And all the people were very kind. Besides this, our fans were energetic. They sent us lots of presents and had done many things for us. We were moved a lot. So it was most exciting moment when we took pictures with fans. At the moment, each one released their emotion.

Where do you want to go in Tokyo?
We haven't seen much. But we went to Shibuya, it was awesome! The crossing in Shibuya was amazing. We met many people that we've never met before. In Germany, there is no place like this. We really want to see more streets like this.

What kind of impression do you have on Japanese girls?
They are very lovely. Although sometimes they are a little bit shy, I think they are sweet and cute. It is normal to be shy and flustered when your favorite band is standing in front of you, after all they are your favorite. So this is natural. I really like.

How about German girls and American girls?
They are not shy at all. What should I say? In Germany, people are more crazy. (He raised his voice.) Because different countries have different culture, I can not judge. It differs from man to man. After we just arrived in Japan, I realized that Japanese are a bit shy. But all the TH's fans are basically in a big family. They share everything on Twitter. So I think Japanese fans are going to join in the big family.

Bill, so you are a shy boy, right?
Tom, Georg, Gustav:
Bill is shy! (laugh)
Bill: No, I'm not like that. (flush) In my option, I believe there must be some moments in people's life when people feel shy. I guess I may not be shy because I was used to communicating with people after years of practicing. But it all depends. According to different situation, people may feel shy as well. I was wondering that I may say hello to a beautiful lady, telling her that I am a supper rock star confidently in private time.
Tom: I have a good advice. If Bill meets someone and feel shy, he should offer a kiss. (All the people laugh) Therefore Bill is shy! (laugh)
Bill: Ok, I am a little bit shy.
Tom: So you should do that.
Bill: I can not do that. I know it's better to kiss with true feelings.
Tom: See? Bill is a shy boy. (laugh)

The interview keeps on in the harmonious atmosphere.


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sarah (14.2.11 19:45)
love this! haha :D

AnnaTHotel / Website (14.2.11 21:55)
only for you ,i'm of you ....

Geneviève L. (15.2.11 02:32)
How cute Bill is ! <3 He's my valentine. ^_^

nina (15.2.11 14:48)
geht das interview eigentlich noch weiter? gibt es noch einen teil?

TokioHotel-Info / Website (15.2.11 15:28)
Ja, das Interview geht noch weiter, darum hab ich auch noch das TBC editiert Ich hoffe, dass es bald jemand weiter übersetzt (:

nina (15.2.11 22:15)
danke! jetzt check ich das erst...TBC. hab mich gefragt was das heißt. jetzt weiß ich es. stand aufm schlauch. :-) na dann bin ich mal gespannt wie es weitergeht...:-)

ghd planchas / Website (21.12.11 02:30)
Thanks for a good post, I like it very much!

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