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Interview ELLEgirl - Tokyo, Japan 10.02.2011 - Part 3 & 4

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Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 3


Bill, you create lyrics like writing diaries?
Ja. They are completely different. We get inspiration from various aspects, and the contents are basically about our feelings and experiences.

The songs are not only about reality and fantasy, also the connection between them.
I think both worlds will arouse my true feeling. The fantasy world affects us, especially reflected on our new album "Humanoid".

Which emotion can be easily impressed in Tokio Hotel's music?
We always create lyrics with our emotions in the moment. We would probably feel aggressive or sad, grieved, brokenhearted, happy, or sometimes we just want to have a party that night. We have different feelings every each day. We always catch some points and put them into our lyrics, just like keeping a diary. There must be some people write diaries at night! And our music is the product of the mixture of diaries and fantasie

In TH official website, we can know a lot about your own views of world from the concepts of designing webs. When did you have this idea?
HAHAHA (laughing happily). It's like doing a puzzle. We had not even one idea at first. We just kept on creating our songs, like putting the electronic music into them and made it more colorful. When we did this, we gradually had some ideas such as how visual effects can be appeared, or how to convey human's emotions. We achieve this effect through the pictures or backgrounds, and they're just like the costumes on tour. All of them make the songs lively.

So deep! Cool! Bill, when did you think you are like a star?
Very early. Mama always said Tom and I were very noisy kids.
Georg: And you are still a noisy kid. (laughing together)
Bill: (keep on saying with a little anger) We're naturally artists. Mama often brought us to parties and we kept the microphones with us, then speaking or dancing. We were energetic anytime.
Tom: (in German) But sometimes there is bad tongue.

All people laughed when Tom said "bad tongue", Georg was the loudest.

Interview with Tokio Hotel - Part 4


Though I'm quite interested in the story of the puzzle. Then what kind of movie influences Bill's World View?
It's hard to say. I like various kinds of movie. The first movie I watched was David Bowie's Labyrinth (1986). It's my favorite movie.

When did you watch this movie?
Ehm… At about 6 years old. I watched it again and again because I really like it. I also
like Dangerous Liaisons (1988) , though it's a very old movie. I watch different kinds of movies, such as science fiction movies. When I was young, I liked E.T (1982) very much, and also vampire movies. I like The Fifth Element (1997). And I like watching romantic movies as well, such as The Notebook (2004). It's really quite moving. Yes, I watch many kinds of movies, rather than one particular type.
Tom: It's really crazy. We have thousands of DVDs, since there are too many good movies.

And the other three? Do you have a favorite band or movie, or is there something influencing you? Could you talk about this?
My favorite album is "Darkside Of The Sun". And my favorite DVD is Tokio Hotel. (All laughed)
Georg: Talking about the actors, I like Leonardo Dicaprio the most. (Gustav and Tom laughed loudly)
Georg (sayed seriously): His movies are really good.
Bill (agreed): Ehm, it's a fact. His movies are quite good. The movies made when he was young are good too.
Georg: He could be a century actor.
Bill: Right!

And music? What's your favorite album?
I listen to many kinds of music. And I listen to more than one album each day. The lastest album I bought is Mike Posners'. (Mike Posners was also a candidate for 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards)
Bill: He is an American new-comer. And there is a pop and R&B feeling in his music.
Tom: R&B, Dance and HipHop, those three feeling mix together.

And what about Tom?
My favorite movie is Training Day (2001) which was acted by Denzel Washington. He is cool and…
Bill (interrupted): Tom likes all the movies acted by Denzel Washington. And Man On Fire (2004).
Tom: Ah! Man On Fire is really good. Dakota Fanning is also a good actress. (Who acted in Man On Fire too, her full name is Hannah Dekota Fanning, well-known movie is I Am Sam (2001).)

The interview suddenly warmed up.


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