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Emily Kay - For some time this name hasn't been unfamilar to the Vampire- & Tokio Hotel-Fandom. Emily is a 35-year-old author (born 13th August 1974) from Germany, who is working on her debut novel "Eulenflucht - Durch die Nacht" [in English: "Owl's Escape - Through the Night"]. Tokio Hotel and especially their music plays a significant role in her novel. If you want to know more about Emily and "Eulenflucht - Durch die Nacht", please click the links below. We wish you fun and would be happy about some feedbacks ;-)

About Emily Kay...

The vampire-novel "Eulenflucht - Durch die Nacht"

The inspiration is the music

The homage to the "Black Angel of Milan"

The first official review by TokioHotel-Info

Emily in the press


More information from and about Emily here...

Emily's Blog

Emily's Twitter




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